How Do I Plan a Kitchen Remodeling Project?

If a kitchen remodeling project is in your future, planning may seem overwhelming. Most people look at magazines, browse a showroom or big box store, maybe even make an appointment with a kitchen designer but find it hard to start their project. If you feel overwhelmed, you’re not alone! Just take a deep breath and take your time with the planning phase of your project.

There’s no need to feel pressured. We’ve seen customers at RW Shaw take a year or more of planning, prep work, and reviewing details before they start their remodeling project. Also, materials might take some time to select, order/purchase, and delivery times vary.

So . . . where do you begin? Download our helpful homeowner’s guide below.

How do I prepare my Home for Construction?

You have your plan in hand, you’ve hired a contractor, and now the day for beginning your remodeling project is quickly approaching. You need to clear the kitchen and organize the contents.

If this seems overwhelming, download the helpful homeowner’s guide below and follow the steps to help simply the process and make it easier for you, your family, your pets, etc.

How long does an IKEA kitchen remodel take?

RW Shaw Construction Services is the only licensed & approved installation team for IKEA kitchen cabinetry in the greater SE area of Wisconsin.

The key to a home remodeling project is planning, planning, planning! It takes a lot of time, patience, commitment & follow-through to prepare ahead for an in-home construction project. Designing your new space, picking out new appliances & ordering your raw materials, waiting for deliveries, and scheduling the work to start can be at times frustrating but so much fun at the same time!

Download the pdf below to see an example of an IKEA kitchen cabinet remodel process. this includes just about everything that you could experience from start to finish to prepare you for the time and commitment from the homeowner & family during this time.